Unibrite's backing lighting model penal provide super bright, even illuminate and no hot spot face. Visibility is more than 24 meter. All serial exit signs use high quality NiMH battery which provides emergency operating for 2 hours. The other components also meet the Rosh requirement.






Item Number ED-150300-PLAN-AN ES-150375-PLAS-AN
Light sauce CCFL CCFL
Tube 2.6∮300mm 2.6∮300mm
Body Size 198*326*30mm 198*405*30mm
Legend Size 150*300mm 150*375mm
Output power 15W 15W
Average Brightness 400 candle light 400 candle light
Input Voltage 100-240V 100-240V
Material Aluminum extrusion housing Aluminum extrusion housing
Lifespan 20, 000 hours 20, 000 hours
Operation Environment 25℃ 25℃
Standard IEC40598,AS2293.3 IEC40598,AS2293.3